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A new way to buy bathroom furniture. Mix and match exactly as you choose.

Forma is more than a bathroom collection; it’s a whole new approach to buying bathroom furniture. A new way of thinking where you, personally, are in the driver’s seat. You decide. You choose everything: style, front panels, colours, materials, widths, depths and details. This furniture collection has revolutionised the bathroom industry. You might as well get used to the idea. This is how we’ll buy bathroom furniture in the future.

The details make all the difference

All our drawers are fully extendable, soft-closing and easily adjustable. The drawer inserts are divided into compartments (both upper and lower) and are shaped to fit perfectly inside the drawer. Drawers with a depth of 45 cm include a dual-level makeup insert that is easy to lift out. The inserts are made of hardwearing plastic that is easy to clean. The drawers also have practical dividers to keep bottles upright, and a non-slip mat. As an extra, you can choose interior lighting and wooden fittings, to give a more luxurious finish and a real aura of qualit

Multiple sockets

Electrical sockets inside a bathroom cabinet or drawer are a smart choice that you will find very useful.

practical laundry basket

Add a practical laundry basket that fits inside our side cabinets. The baskets come in two sizes. They are easy to remove from the cabinet and bring to the washing machine.

Practical magnifying mirror

The ultimate beauty accessory. A must-have for the perfect makeup routine.

Makeup insert included

Drawers with a depth of 45 cm include a dual-level makeup insert where the top level can be lifted out. The inserts are made of hardwearing plastic that is easy to clean.

Benefits of LED lighting

The advantage of LED lighting is its long lifespan: it lasts roughly 50 times longer than a light bulb and 3–4 times longer than strip lighting. LED lighting is also environmentally friendly because it has low energy consumption and contains no mercury. LED lights can take frequent on/off cycles and light up without delay.

Highest electrical safety

The lights in our upper units are available with various IP ratings. IP44 is the safest rating. It is ideal for shower and bath areas and very small bathrooms. All the electrical functions in our products are CE and S marked.

Add SiD to experience the complete
freedom of Forma.

The design is clean-cut and unmistakable. Made with care and dedication to craftsmanship. Forma is ideal for anyone with high standards for design and function. And the choice is endless if you combine Forma and SiD. We simply adapt the furniture to the individual measurements of your bathroom, to create unique solutions. You decide.

 Find your SiD retailer.

Our SiD-certified retailers will give you all the help you need to create a totally unique bathroom solution with Forma. Worktops based on precise and individual measurements, completely adapted to your needs.

How do you want your work top?

SiD also includes made-to-measure work tops which help you create that exclusive look. Select a material which matches the rest of the fixtures and fittings. The work tops are available in anything from natural stone to Dekton (a resilient natural material).

For an additional charge, you can get Forma in any NCS colour.